Water softening products
The image below shows the hidden cost of scale which can dramatically reduce your heating efficiency by up to 70%.

A boiler which takes 90 minutes to heat the water for your home with soft water can take up to 4 hours when heating hard water.
Product Ranges

Improve your home by installing a water softener

At Softener Surgeons we have been in some form of the water softening industry for 25 years.

From this vast experience we have gained a fantastic product knowledge, and know exactly which brands are worth selling, and which type of water softener is right for each particular customer.

In addition to installing water softeners we also deliver block and tablet salt throughout Oxfordshire.

Our products include:

  • Single tanks
  • Twin tanks
  • Non-electric softeners
  • Dual Flow water softeners
  • Osmosis water systems
  • Under sink water filters

Our products include:

  • Permutit
  • Culligan
  • Monarch
  • Kinetico
  • Harvey Water Softeners
  • Fountain
  • Aqua Dial
  • Liff
  • Waterside
  • And many more
If you're looking to install a water softener but not sure which one is best for you, call
07939 204 455
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